The United States Contract Weather Observing Association is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization that helps operate and support a strong lobbying effort in Washington, DC to help preserve our profession and works as an advocacy group for Contract Weather Observers and better Airport FAA Weather Observations. 

Our overall mission and goal is to do whatever it takes to preserve all the current Contract Weather Observing Stations.  We exist to and strive to educate the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate on the significance and impact our program has on aviation safety.  We are working diligently to enhance better public understanding of CWOs (Contract Weather Observers) and to fortify the entire Contract Weather Observing Program by bringing awareness of accurate, timely, and quality weather report impacts on air traffic and airport operations.


The Association's main purpose and every member's mission is to reach out to ALL members of the U.S. Congress to educate them about the importance and sustainability of this essential Federal Program and to emphasize the importance of timely, accurate and quality weather observations for the safety of flying public.


The Association strongly supports this consulting group. We are their client and we have a team of professionals from Elevate that have collaborated with the officers and directors of USCWOA to actively aid and facilitate us in achieving all our goals and purposes.